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Million TU-812 MX 唱片鎮

稱之為「天下第一」的Million TU-812唱片鎮,究竟對聲音有多少提升?簡單地說,在第一時間你就能感受到音響性能的全面提升,同樣的唱片,將Million TU-812唱片鎮擺上去之後,不管是音樂細節的提升、音場的伸展、定位的明確,每一項音響性能的要素都有所進步,一聽就知道,不消旁人多講。不過Million TU-812最迷人的地方,不僅是音響性能的強化,而是讓整體音樂更顯高貴而有氣質。

•Weight : 360g (0.79Lbs)
•Size : 85mm (3.35’ φ)
•Height : 43mm (1.69’)
•Color : Shiny chrome metal base w/wooden grip.


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Celebrating 20th Anniversary of Harmonix, “Million” Maestro series of TU-666 has been announced in limited production.


Astonishingly wide and dynamic sound stage, rich in midrange and unparalleled harmony and exquisite sound are by our highest tuning technology, materials and engineering handcrafted in TU-666M.


Experience yourself for the unique and cutting-edge of Harmonix tuning technology and see what has been missed.

•Adjustable metal base
•50mm x 33mm (H)
•Set of 4
•Weight allowance: 80kg

TU 666M

RS -1502M TuningMaster
Integrated Tuning Feet
A “Million” Maestro product

•Tuning principle: Transforms and balances resonance
•Dimensions: 33.5 mm (H) x 44 mm (Ø)
•Colors: Silver metal base and toe / dark wood body
•Adjustable: Height adjustable by 3 mm
•Weight limit: 100+ kg

RFS-65m Hyotan 
- Simply Indispensable
A “Million” Maestro product

•Tuning principle: Transforms and balances resonance
•Dimensions: 16.5 mm (H) x 28 mm (Ø)
•Colors: Silver metal base / top embraced in dark wood
•Weight limit: 100+ kg



Treatment for room acoustics
・ Color : White,Wooden Color
・ 25mm (dia) x 4mm (thick)
・ Set of 18 disks

•Weight:47 g / 32 g

•Outer diameter:298mm

•Center axis hole diameter:

7.5mm ф

•Matte thickness:




Tuning Feet


•Materials: Selected wood top with metal band
•Color: Gold metal color band
•Size: 44mm diameter x 18mm high with adjustable high base
•Weight allowance: several hundreds kilograms
(note: Place the unit over the center of the feet.)​

•Tuning principle: Transforming and Balancing Resonance
•Size: 24.0mm(H) x 28.0mm(φ)
•Materials: Hybrid of metal and wood
•Weight allowance: About hundred kg

•Cherry wood, black finish
•(95mm dia. x 19mm) Set of 4


Real Foucus


•Hybrid layer of wood and metal, Jacaranda wood finish
•(77mm dia.(bottom) x 22mm(H) Set of 4
•Weight Limit: several hundreds kilograms



RF - 707Z
Ultimate Tuning Spike Bases

For spike-equipped speaker systems or electronics.

Product specification:

Finish:Hybrid layer of special selected wood & metal.

Size:49.5mm(W) x 33mm(H)

Weight limit:Several hundreds kilograms.

Color:Black color metal base and top and black color wood base.




•Size:140mm(W) x 34mm( thick)

•Weight:1.64 g


Deep wooden color/Glossy Black metal

Note“The BASE” TB-0917 is suggested to use such as TU-666M or RF-999M to further better tuning effect.

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