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The brand new ACCUSTIC ARTS® MONO III power amplifier is the latest member of the ACCUSTIC ARTS® family of amplifiers and after the very successful MONO II is the second amplifier from our company which is uncompromisingly designed as a mono power amplifier.
The MONO III is technically related to our legendary AMP III which is very much appreciated all around the world. The inside of the MONO III boasts a combination of 24 MOS-FET transistors and two enormous 1,600 VA toroidal transformers to deliver huge power with up to 1,100 W (4 Ω)  in class A/AB operation. Thus the new MONO III represents the flagship of our range of amplifiers.
Just as with the AMP II – MK 3, the MONO III is also equipped with our new technology for damping factor linearization. Please see PDF document on your left.

Our promise: Handmade in Germany

“Handmade in Germany” is part of the ACCUSTIC ARTS company philosophy and so naturally the MONO II is also exclusively made in our manufacturing facility in Lauffen/Germany. The development, component insertion of PCBs and final assembly takes place in Germany and all housing parts and many individual components are sourced from long-term suppliers based in the south of Germany. Our specially trained and experienced technicians build this high-end audiophile amplifier from a large number of individual components.

Voltage gain:

25 dB

Power consumption without load:

approx. 170 watts

Total transformer power:

2 x 1,600 VA = 3,200 VA (watts)

Power supply capacity:

more than 120,000 µF

Input impedance:

Pin 1 to Pin 2: 20 kΩ
Pin 1 to Pin 3: 20 kΩ
Pin 2 to Pin 3: 40 kΩ


Rated power output (at THD+N = 0,1 %):
1,100 watts on 4 Ω
650 watts on 8 Ω

Minimum speaker impedance:
4 Ω

3,1 µs bei 4 Ω Last  (Rechteck 20 kHz, 12 Vss)

-95 dBA (bezogen auf 6,325 V)

Intermodulation distortion:

0,008 % bei 10 Watt an 4 Ω

Distortion factor (THD+N):

0.0012 % on 4 Ω load with 1 kHz and 10 watts

Klirrfaktor (THD+N):
0,003 % bei 4 Ω Last bei 1 kHz und 10 Watt
(Meßbandbreite 22 Hz – 22 kHz)

Abmessungen (H x B x T):
350 x 482 x 430 mm



ca. 60 kg

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