It’s a very musical! Sitting the way down deep on the sofa and comfortably keep listening. It’s the first impression and experience you will get out of KAP-777.

Editor‘s Choice 2017 Award

by Audio Video

Editor‘s Choice 2015 Award

By What HiFi?

Award 2013

By Image HiFi Gernany

Best High End 2011

By Enjoy the

music U.S.A

Editor‘s Choice Most Wanted Components
2011 Award

By Stereo Times U.S.A.

Grand Prix 2011

By Stereo Sound Japan

Grand Prix "11-12"

By Stereo Sound Japan

The exquisite sound that CAT-777MKII bring out to you may be for the first time in your audio life. Certainly, the sound of rich midrange, crystal clear in high and exceptionally deep base extension will touch and satisfy you.



DAP-999 EX


Just when you thought nothing could compare to the “Reimyo” one box player CDP-777. . . We introduce the next great performer in the Reimyo series our new CDT-777, Compact Disc Transport. This transport with DAP-999 combo produces exquisite sound you have ever experienced!

CDP-777​ 轉盤



• Number of outlets : 5
• Total power available : 1,500Watts (15A / 230VAC)
• Current handling capacity : 15Amperes
• Operating power range : 100-250VAC, 50/60Hz
• Dimensions : 59mm(H) x 430mm(W) x 324mm(D)
• Weight : 7.36 kgs



ENCORE will delight with ambient, clean, airy, true-to-life music reproduction, and bass and musical, dynamic impact. The soundstage is projected with a natural perspective and superbly-balanced. By involving the Harmonix Resonance theory, the ENCORE is capable of reproducing a faithful rendition of the original music program without any deficiency.

“T-bone” SS-0817 Speaker Stand
andcrafted State-of-the-art speaker stand.

“T-bone” SS-0817 Speaker Stand is handcrafted a “State-of-the-Art” Speaker Stand created and made of selected high quality woods by Harmonix craft man. With years of extensive research on the basis of the beautiful sound reproduction, we have created “T-bone” SS-0817 speaker stand for ENCORE and other small sized speaker.

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