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The world-wide award-winning champion

“High and stable performance level, extremely low distortion, high damping factor, good noise values and band width with extremely high channel separation”.

The long-term hit and classic in the ACCUSTIC ARTS® range is without doubt our solid AMP II power amplifier. In 1997, the year when ACCUSTIC ARTS was founded, the AMP II was one of our first products. Now, in the 3rd generation, we have hardly changed the look of the product at all. This is because in our opinion you shouldn’t change a classic, but rather continue to further develop it to make the product even more attractive. As for some time now the AMP II has been recognised as one of the best power amplifiers available in the high-end scene, this has simultaneously become a challenge and an obligation.

Both output stage channels of the AMP II – MK 3 are equipped with a solid 12 kg heavy high performance heat sink which thanks to its special rib design serves to ensure a constant operating temperature of the MOSFET transistors. Even at full power there is no danger of overheating. An integrated control unit also permanently monitors operating conditions such as DC offset, temperature, clipping and high frequency. If a pre-defined value of one of these points is exceeded, the loudspeakers are immediately switched off to ensure the highest operational safety for the output amplifier and connected loudspeakers.

Test result: “The amplifier is a model of stability and precision while at the same time versatile and agile, making the product a textbook example of how to build an amplifier. Homogeneous, universally usable, virtually perfect. And for this high-end product, an unbelievably reasonable price”.

Voltage gain:

31.0 dB

Total transformer power:

2 x 1.100 VA = 2,200 VA (watts)

Power supply capacity:

approx. 160,000 µF

Input impedance:

balanced (XLR): 2 x 20 kΩ
unbalanced (RCA): 100 kΩ

Rated power output (at THD+N = 0,1 %):

max. 2 x 675 watts on 2 Ω
max. 2 x 450 watts on 4 Ω
max. 2 x 275 watts on 8 Ω

Rise time/fall time:

3.1 µs with 4 Ω load (square-wave 20 kHz, 12 Vpp)

109 dB with 1 kHz


-103 dBA (ref. 6.325 V)

Intermodulation distortion:

0.007 % with 10 watts on 4 Ω

Distortion factor (THD+N):

0.001 % on 4 Ω load at 1 kHz and 10 watts

Dimensions (H x W x D):

350 x 482 x 430 mm / 13.8 x 19 x 16.9 inches


approx. 55 kg / 121 lbs.

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